An ordinary day

With a definite winter chill in the air, not to mention the rain and the wind, Grace and I have been kept mostly indoors, reading books, building puzzles etc.  With all this inside time Grace has developed, what I call, restless bunny syndrome, so this afternoon before supper, Duncan and her went for a walk in the garden to release some of that energy.    

Going for a garden walk 


While outside she decided to release some of her creative energy and drew a picture with some chalk 


After the garden walk it was supper time, but little Miss Restless Bunny couldn't sit still while eating, so although she had a perfect little dinner table for one, she chose to eat her meal looking out the window, scooting backwards until her legs were under the couch etc. Not ideal, but we can't complain she has a good appetite and eats healthily. 


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