A miracle

About 2 months ago I lost a contact lens. I did it in a pretty stupid way. I was in the process of putting my contact lenses in and had already put my right contact in when Grace came by and distracted me. I was half asleep still and turned back, picked up my contact lens case, rinsed it out and let the water in the sink drain out. And then I realised what I had just done. Bye-bye contact lens. I looked all over myself and the floor, then took my right lens out and proceeded to take apart the U-pipe of the sink to check if the lens might be there….all to no avail. I felt pretty stupid having lost a contact lens this way, and it was especially frustrating as hard contact lenses cost a bit to replace.

I finally got around to visiting the optometrist today to sort out a new lens and have an eye check-up. He takes the right lens out of my contact case and then separates it into two lenses – the two lenses were stuck on top of each other!

I have no idea how this happened, or even how it could have happened. It was amazing and I was (and am) totally dumbfounded. I have no explanation.

Depending on your personal beliefs you might think that there is some explanation, or that I have just been plain stoopid….but for me it is a miracle and for that I am truly grateful to God.

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