I stipp

Grace played really hard on Saturday at the party – up and down the slip-n-slide until she was too tired to carry on. The next day she is moaning, "I sick, tummy sore," and such likes. I'm trying to figure out what the problem is and asking her what kind of sore it is, "Do you need to go to the toilet? Or are you sick? Or are you just stiff from playing yesterday?" So she says, "I stipp, need to take a break in front of the TV."

Grace is busy putting her panties on and says, "There's a hole in my panties." I have a look and don't see any holes, "Where is the hole Grace?" "There and there," she says pointing at the leg holes.

The sun is not up yet when Grace is, and on Saturday she looked for the sun and then started singing Mr Sun. She sang through the whole song, gets to the end and says, "It's not sunny yet," and then starts again. And round and round we went for a while, waiting for the sun.

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