Nosh, nosh, ice cake

Hannah came over for a play date this afternoon and Donné prepared a water fun afternoon. One of the things she did was to freeze some things into a block of ice, and she gave them salt and warm water to melt the ice. Grace loved rubbing the salt on, and Hannah was dedicated to gettting all the toys out.


Last night when I was cleaning I picked up a bunch of small plastic animals and went to put them away saying, "Grace you need to pack your I-spy toys away." Donné suddenly jumps in, "Duncan! Those are for tomorrow, now you've ruined the surprise." Grace was upset and later on says to me, "You ruined my surprise, you not my best friend anymore. I'm mommy's best friend, Eli's best friend, then your best friend." Now I know my place.

Eli wants food. He is currently having a desperate need to grab any food that he says, to the point where he will cry if you are eating something and he can't touch it. So we have decided to start introducing him to some foods, like fruit, rice rusks, and rice cereal.

Hmmm, I thunk I'll just eat this banana


Hmmm,  I think I'll just eat this rice rusk


And if they're not going to feed me, I'll just eat my bouncy chair.


Today was a very special day because Grace said Eli's name differently. She usually says e-i, dropping the l, but today she said, "E-di" which sometimes nearly sounded like "Eli", and at other times it sounded like a clear "d", but it is really amazing that she has started to place a sound for her L's

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