Feel welcome

It wasn't that long ago that Grace would be disturbed having new people in her space and take time to settle down with visitors, but not any more. Stéfan (who has been out of the country for two years) and Lauren came to visit today, and Grace was more than happy to welcome them. She knows Stéfan, but it was the first time she met Lauren, so what does she do when they arrive and we go to the table to sit down? "Lauren, you sit over here next to me." You can feel welcome, because Grace loves visitors, and it is wonderful to see her enjoying people so much.

Really?!? Do I really need to have sand on my head sis?


The lovely Lauren. who Grace spent lots of time playing with (and Lauren graciously played along)


Stéfan has gone all Camel Man on us


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    Stefan van der Walt February 27, 2013

    Looks like Camel Man supports Freedom! 🙂

    Thanks for a lovely, relaxed afternoon!

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