Dysentery – Do people still get it?

The answer is a big yes – as we discovered when we took Grace to the pediatrician at 17h00 today, after finding some blood in her stool. The pediatrician didn’t seem to think it was unusual but I keep on wondering, how did she get it?  Oh well I suppose I will never know.

Grace has been off colour for the last week, with a runny tummy, runny nose (which cleared up after two days) and a slight fever.  As usual when you are not sure what is up, the good old reliable teeth get blamed, but it turned out to be a bit more serious than that – which we gathered when we saw blood!  

Knowing when to take a sick child to the doctor and when to wait it out is so tricky. I mean I don’t want to be one of those parents that rushes her kid to the doctor for every runny nose or upset tummy, but on days like these I wander should I have taken her earlier? I suppose there is no formula one can apply to this question and we as parents just have to go with the facts we have, our intuition and some common sense. It fascinates me that although Grace is pretty sick and very up and down emotionally, she still enjoyed dancing to her DVD, making scones and building puzzles today.  Adding to the confusion of whether she was sick or not.

So the Cape Town Drennan’s are currently in quarantine, which means no Clamber Club tomorrow, no Friday get together and no people over the weekend 🙁 

Think of us tonight at 00h00 when we have to wake Grace to give her her antibiotics.  Every six hours for the next five days.  It was either that, or taking her to the hospital everyday for 5 days for a single dosage of antibiotics by injection – I choose the 00h00 wake up, over needles for 5 days. 

Baking scones


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