It was good to hear lots of laughter today after a while of mostly grumpiness. Grace had a really good day and was full of laughs this evening, even though her tummy is still quite dodgy. She laughed while throwing her stuffed toys down the stairs at the back, laughed when I picked up the broccoli she dropped and blew hard to get some dust off of it, laughed when she dropped a noodle and it landed on the seat of her bike, and laughed after getting out of the bath while pretending to be falling. She was just much more herself. Now the tum-tum just needs to get better. Giving her antibiotics at 12 last night went smoothly.

In other news our domestic worker Ethel, was offered a job as a cleaner at a company which was full time, but working at nights, but was able to turn that down as she was also offered another domestic work job twice a week. With her three days she is now earning more money than she was working four days a week, and also has another possibility of further work. She currently has 2 days available if anyone is looking for someone. So even though it seemed like a crisis at the time, she is now in an even better position than before.

Grace’s new kitchen set (which also brought great joy today)


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