Peace loving child?

I wonder if Grace will grow up to be a peace loving child. She has always been sensitive to other people hurting themselves. She has a sign for hurt – she puts her hand to her mouth, pulls a distraught face and moans a bit. If someone falls, or hurts themselves in some way she always does this action. At the moment she is a bit sick (think it is teething related) and a bit more sensitive to things than usual.

Today Donné burnt herself on an oven dish while making some vegetables and Grace just totally fell apart. It was at the end of the day, and she is not well, and her teeth seem to be bugging her, but she had a mini-meltdown. I was in the bath and she came running and crying, signing her “hurt” sign. Poor little girl, she really seems to be concerned about others hurting themselves.

Although, she does enjoy throwing her dolls and bears down the stairs….

Taking Andrew for a walk in the garden

Supper time outside: eat some rice, eat some veges, drink some juice, drink some water…yum


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