Camping in

Today was another wintry, indoor day, so Grace and I set about making a tent using the dining room table and hosted a little tea party for some dolls, a monkey, a pink panther, and a Spice (that would be Spice the cat).  Spice is very privileged to be invited to hide in the cupboard each morning and was specifically requested for the tent/ tea party.  

Here are some photos from our little adventure:



Spice enjoying the tea party

Duncan also joined in the fun when he was finished working, but played a game of “goof” – that would include taking a doll, monkey, or pink panther and banging its head on the table – goof is the sound Grace makes when something falls or in this case bangs their head.   Grace managed to bang her head twice on the table – a fate she didn’t find as funny.
Grace enjoying her afternoon nap, holding Monkey and her taglet.


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