Fun with Andrew

As I have mentioned previously I am really enjoying seeing and being a part of Grace’s imaginary play development.  I think the reason I get so much joy is because I have fond memories from my childhood engaging in imaginary play, from teaching my dolls to swim to having tea parties.  I even had an imaginary friend for a time.

While playing in her room today Grace decided that Andrew (the doll) was a little under dressed for our cold wintry weather and so we chose some new clothes for him.  I think if Grace had her way he would have been clothed in a dress, but I explained that boys generally don’t wear dresses and, since he was still a newborn baby, that a babygrow was probably better suited and would definitely keep him warmer.  She agreed and we dressed him together, choosing a little beanie to complete the outfit.

Here are some photos from our play session – it started with her dancing with Andrew, followed by taking him for a ride on the bike.  He then fell off the bike and landed with a “goof” so Grace followed suit.  Andrew then got undressed and after some new clothes was ready to face the cold.

Loves for Spicey (poor cat – not that he generally minds)

Last word:  This evening before bath time we went for a quick bike ride outside.  At one point Grace got off her bike and went over to a bush, and was looking at it as if she was looking for something.  I went over to her and asked her what she was looking for. I then realised it was the bush that I had hid her first Easter egg in.  So I asked her if she was looking for Easter eggs, she nodded and gave me this big smile.  As a result we had a mini (2 egg) hunt, which seemed to bring much joy 🙂

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