Easter was a cold and wet day, so we dressed for extra warmth


Our friends Mike, Karen & Caleb came to visit for lunch

We played and had lots of fun
And Grace got a beautiful Pink Panther with a long “Tay” (tail) from Gogo
A story and a note from the day….

Caleb and Grace played together beautifully today and they seemed to really be enjoying the time together. Grace was in her element and full of smiles all day. I think the most precious was what happened just before bath time. Grace and Caleb were playing the keyboard together and I told Grace that it was bath time. She stopped, looked at me and then pointed at Caleb. “Would you like Caleb to bath with you?” Vigorous head nod. Soon afterwards Caleb was still busy with the keyboard and Grace was about to go off for her bath. Grace then did her “come here” sign (the one she uses to “call” the cats to her) to Caleb. Very precious. They then proceeded to have a fun and energy filled bath together.

I was very proud of myself for making my first really successful lamb roast – thanks mom for the tips.

I hope that you all enjoyed a blessed Easter.
Lots of love from the Cape Town Drennan’s

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