Monthly Archives: June 2015

Building fires

I said to Eli, “Take some fire starter sticks and go and build yourself a pretend fire outside,” and with those words sparked a new game of creativity.

Grace’s zen fire


Eli made a pile of sticks and stones, and then pretends to light it


Grace’s fire with a, “triangular base”


Heard in the household

We were busy making a cauliflower risotto and we think it was when the wine was cooking off that Grace says, “That smells disgusting.” I wasn’t sure if it was the wine smell or the cauliflower, so I asked her, “Grace, does it smell like fart?” She says, “No! It smells disgusting.” Make of that what you will. She then went on to try the risotto and really enjoyed it.

While we were eating dinner Donné asks Grace, “What happened to your skirt Grace?” (she wasn’t wearing it any more after school). Grace says, “I had an accident, I laughed so hard that I wet my panties!” She and Scarlett were on the see-saw together and Scarlett bounced so high in the air that she did the splits, and this resulted in a big laughing fit for both of them.

Andrew turns 3

We spent yesterday celebrating Andrew’s birthday and having a wonderful time with friends.

Happy birthday Andrew!


Those pesky relighting candles…


Let’s microwave something for dinner


Off exploring over the rocks and into the bushes


I think I’ll just do some modelling


Zooting down the zip line


Tree climbing fun


Our little tree hugger


End of the day, getting tired….or just pulling a model pose?


The bicycle gang – Grace is actually quite zippy on her bike


22 Weeks

Donné will be 22 weeks on Tuesday….


The completed coat rail

Grace and Eli helped me to paint, drill pilot holes and then screw the hooks onto the coat rail. A couple of noisy holes into the wall later and we have our new coat rail.


Ballet birds

Today was another chance for us to sit in Grace’s ballet class. It was very interesting to see how the group has improved in the last term – they are working more as a unit now than before and their dance movements are more defined.

The wings are costumes for the ballet show which will be on in late September



Grace’s reading

Grace has been practising her reading, reading to Donné every night at story time. We went to the library to get some new books this weekend, and on the day we got the books she comes to sit at the counter and wanted me to read the book to her. I managed to convince her that she should read it while I was busy in the kitchen, and off she went….all the way through Green eggs and Ham…

Two days earlier I woke up and found her reading Hop on Pop in bed