Grace’s toadstool cake

We celebrated Grace’s 6th birthday today with a enchanted forest fairy party, and for the cake we made…a fairy toadstool cake!


There is a bit of a back story with the cake. Things were looking good, icing on the bottom part and it was all going smoothly. We carefully put the top part on and it was all looking good. Then things started to happen….well just one thing really – the cake started to collapse on itself.

Panic stations!

Very fortunately it did stabilise, or at least it did for long enough to make it to the party – it even gave the cake more character.

Here is the back of the cake (which started as tall as the front). I think cutting the cake to size just took away all the strength and the weight of the cake on top just squished the walls out.


Fortunately it held it together and was well received. It was a good team effort to put this together, and we even managed to get to sleep at a decent time last night!


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    Paula June 28, 2015

    No toadstool is straight so it looks fantastic! If you don’t want cake to collapse always make sure your cake is totally cold before adding buttercream/ganache between layers. Stick in the fridge for it to go hard before covering in fondant 🙂
    If the sponge is too soft to have height then add some dowels and stick a thin cake board in the middle for support 🙂 x

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      Duncan Drennan June 28, 2015

      Thanks Paula – things fortunately worked out well (and we luckily didn’t have a flat cake in the morning). What we didn’t do was use a cake board + dowels to give it strength…..all a part of the learning experience.

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