Mess up time

We picked up a little ditty from our friend Karen for tidy up time which we have sung since Grace was little. It has been a while since we sung it, but Grace has recently started to sing the song while we tidy up. Today (not at tidy up time) she was singing it and packing some things away. She then started taking pillows off the couch and saying, “Mess up time, mess up time.” Some yin for your yang.

Before we brushed teeth tonight Grace was packing out toys for the bath and had taken out quite a few, including Suzy’s bath. Donné normally baths with Grace on a Sunday (which Grace loves, especially washing mommy’s face). So Donné says to Grace, “Grace, if you want to bath with all those toys there won’t be space for me. You bath with the toys tonight and I’ll bath with you tomorrow night.” Grace looks at her toys, picks up the biggest one (the bath) and puts it back into the basket, “Please mommy will you bath with me?” With such a good understanding of the space constraints, and such an emphatic plea, who could say no?

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