Monthly Archives: June 2012

The needy cat

Donné is sitting on the sofa and Coco (the cat) is rubbing up against her wanting some love. Grace is nearby and I say to her, “Coco is a needy cat.” Grace puts her hands on Coco and starts to knead her like a ball of dough. Well, that’s one way to interpret it.

Entertaining the crowds

Grace and Donné went to buy some new face wash and much to the delight of the store attendants, Grace says, "Got new face wash, go wash face now!" Because obviously Donné didn't wash her face before going out this morning.

They went on to buy some cat food, and Grace says, "Got cat food, Mr Spicey not meeouw now."

Donné made Grace some kitchen items like a small flour box and a small bag of sugar. The sugar is a tiny bag of sugar with an old Panado box inside of it to give it shape. While we were having lunch Grace had a cup of tea. She pulls the Panado box out of the sugar bag and says, "My pills!" She then takes some imaginary pills (a few too many really), picks up her tea, has a sip and goes, "Aaahhh!" (like that aah, I've just had the most delicious refreshing drink). Then repeat, over and over.

Waiting for Wriggles

I am getting really excited for when Mr Wriggles joins us in the world. I certainly have days of thinking, "Oh my word! It is going to be so hectic!" but I currently have a sense of peace about it – that somehow it is going to miraculously work out. It will be great to go through the baby process a second time, with new eyes that have a little bit of experience. A little boy is also going to be a wholly new experience, and probably more importantly he will just be an entirely new person with his own way of interacting with the world. Exciting times ahead.

Diving down

It was the last swimming lesson for the term today, and the last month or so has been going really well. Grace has been loving swimming with Charlene and been making huge progress. Today was one of those wow days for me. The first thing I was really impressed with was Grace floating on her back on her own. In fact, she floated across the entire length of the pool on her back. I actually thought Charlene had been helping her, but she was just floating all by herself.

And then, the diving down. One of the exercises is to dive down and fetch a ring from either the step or the bottom of the pool. Grace has done the preparation for the exercise before, but not actually grabbed any of the rings. Today, Charlene took her under (she holds her at the ribs and guides her through the water) and Grace focussed, reached out perfectly and grabbed the first ring from the step. She then dived down for another two on the step, and followed that with a dive to fetch a ring from the bottom of the pool. She seemed to just love every single minute of her swim today, and I was very chuffed with how well she is doing. Hopefully we can pick up where we left off when the new term begins.

Negotiation tools

"Grace, if you try to grab that off my plate again then you can't have the chicken bones." Sometimes the things we negotiate with are unconventional….in this case Grace has decided that it is lots of fun to pick the meat off the chicken bones.

Seeing the elephant

When we dropped Keren off at the airport the elephant outside the door was getting a fresh spray paint.

So when we were going to fetch Keren again, Grace was very excited to see the elephant.

Donné thought it might be better to just collect Keren from the drop & go, so she suggested this to Grace.

“I *have* to see the elephant, please mommy.” And with that emphatic plea, we went to see the elephant.

Imaginary friends came over to play

From having none at all, Grace developed a whole army of imaginary friends today….or at least a Micky Mouse Clubhouse worth of friends. This morning, Micky, Minnie, Donald, Daisy & Goofy all came over for Minnie Mouse's birthday (for which there was much cake baking). It is fascinating how suddenly there are these "real" people in her world. She holds them in her hand and takes them around with her.

We went to the shop to buy a few things and when we got there I realised that Mickey had come with. So Grace carried him up the stairs and then eventually put him down in the trolley with her. While I was paying Grace was playing on the train and someone came and took our trolley. Grace was a bit upset, because Mickey was still in the trolley. Off we went to search in the trolley's for Mickey – fortunately he was waiting there for us. When we got home she put Mickey & Minnue on the couch so that they could watch a DVD together. Fun times ahead with all these new friends.

Heard in our house today: 

"Grace, did you fart in here?"
"Then what is so smelly?"
"Mommy's balls."

That was a surprise answer.