A new schedule

This year we have changed our schedule around a bit. The main reason was so that we could all eat together at supper which will hopefully encourage Grace to eat the same food as we do in the evenings. We have been eating earlier, and I really enjoy the time together as a family. Now that we all eat together we are saying grace with Grace. Some days she stops before eating, holds out her hands and says, "Tank God," and other days we have, "No tank God." It is very sweet how she tightly closes her eyes and loudly says "Amen!" when we are done…..or sometimes "Amen!" when she thinks we should be done.

Lunches have also changed a bit, with us all eating lunch together before Grace has her nap. Now that she is going to sleep in a bed (no more rocking, but other crutches are still involved….) it means that I am not involved with sleep time anymore which is a boon for me.

Overall it is working well and there is a good flow to family and work life. I really enjoy sitting at the table and eating together. It is a blessing to have the time that we have as a family everyday.

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