A swimming update

Swimming has been going really well this year and Grace is loving each time we go to a lesson or for a swim in the pool. The thing she is loving the most is jumping into the pool. She jumped in on her own (with me there to catch her) for the first time early this year and has just gotten more and more confident as she practices. Now going for a swim at the gym involves jumping in, a little help from dad to get to the pool noodle and then back to the steps to start over again (getting back requires help). She is also launching herself off the step towards me, and quite comfortably to go under and float up to the top before I help her.

I am really happy that the swimming lessons have been going well. She is comfortable in the water with Charlene. Sometimes there is a little bit of unhappiness just as she is getting in, but as soon as they start it is smiles and happiness. Grace is still getting used to her new goggles, but seems to like the idea that her eyes don't get wet when she is under the water.

For me swimming time with Grace is really a special time for me. I enjoy being in the water with her, playing, teaching and just having fun. I really appreciate that I get to be a part of her swimming journey.

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