Faux pas

I had foot-in-mouth disease tonight. Grace was doing well and having fun, and I put my foot in it. I was singing while she was bathing, and as usual she said, "No singing, sing Silent Night," (because that is the only song that may be sung). I decided to do what she usually does to us (in retrospect this was stupid) and said, "No Silent Night, no Silent Night," in the same kind of way that she would say it.

I am not sure if there was something else wrong (tired, teeth bothering her, etc.), but man, oh man, was it down hill from there. Crying, sobbing, saying "Silent Night sad," and just general super-unhappiness. Whoops. I said sorry and consoled her, but we never quite recovered from there for the rest of the evening.

After a while, more consoling and some mommy love she seemed to be back to being okay (Donné asked her what will make her feel less sad, her answer "hugs")…..well, until I opened my mouth to change my foot. At bedtime Grace asked for, "New bear," which I took to mean, "Can I have a new bear in bed with me?" I was fine with that so I picked up Care Bear…..whoops, we have a situation. More general unhappiness. What Grace meant was, "I want New Bear." I had forgotten that one of her bears was named New Bear. "Sad wrong bear," was what Grace was saying after that. Daddy fail #2 for the night.

At least it was nearly bed time and she seemed to be okay by the time she went to sleep. Luckily she likes hugs and they do help. Shame, my poor baby girl. I love her so much.

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