The final present

Grace had one final present waiting for her when she got home – the present we have been waiting to give her for a while – her new balance bike.


After unwrapping it she tried to climb onto it and said the most unexpected thing, "Not stable, not stable." There is no context for her to say that (although I am sure we have used the phrase before when she is climbing onto chairs and so forth), so it really surprised me when she used it in the correct way.


It is going to take her a little bit of time to figure out, but I am excited to help her learn how to ride it.


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    Anonymous January 2, 2012

    K will be jealous that she can actually reach the ground on hers. Our poor munchkin is so short!

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    Duncan Drennan January 3, 2012

    How tall is Kaiya now? Last we measured Grace was 93cm, about 36.5 inches

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