Dad’s and their girls

Barry, Leslie, Chloe and Robyn popped in for a quick visit today. Once Grace warmed up to them she had lots of fun playing in the water and jumping with her two cousins that love her to bits.

I always find it interesting to watch other fathers of girls and how they interact with their children. Grace will become a little girl, and then a teenager, and grow into a woman, and each step of the way will be a journey which I hope to walk well, so it is nice to watch other people and start to get my head around what it might be like in the future. I know that we grow into it as we go along, but it is still good to watch and see and picture what things might be like.

Water fun with the girls as Grace sprays Chloe with a water pistol


Grace having some fun with her doll's house from Gogo & Gramps


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