Monthly Archives: December 2011

Have yourself a Merry Christmas

May you all have a blessed Christmas, filled with the love of those closest to you tomorrow. May you have peace and enjoy the gift of giving. Lots of love from the Drennan's.


The horsey goes "pfffffft".


Bring on the Christmas eve dinner



After a little trip to the beach we came home, showered and put the kettle on for a cup of tea.  While drinking a juice Duncan asked Grace if she would like a cup of tea or if she was happy with her juice, she turned to him and said, "I want tea too."  She is enjoying Gogo's espresso cups – it would appear to be the perfect size for a delicious cup of tea.   



John and I attacked supper tonight and as expected it came out awesome. Grilled chicken breast served on a bed of roasted baby tomatoes and potato rosti, topped with beetroot sprouts and a balsamic vinegar reduction, served with a side of sweetcorn. Credit for the balsamic plate decoration goes to Donné, as my attempts were a serious fail, and after seeing me try John abstained.


Dads and their girls.



When Donné decides to build a puzzle on holiday it always turns out to be a team effort….maybe we should look for a 4000 piece puzzle so that everyone gets 1000 pieces.


Hugs for Diya

The Bradshaws arrived for a visit and it is really fascinating to watch Grace with Diya. Grace really loves touching her and being near her. She gives her hugs, strokes her hair and is just generally enamoured (well, at least to the length of a two year old's concentration).


Making a pool for some early morning beach fun next to the lagoon. We also went again later with John and Jack to begin construction on our large scale puddle and canal engineering marvel.


Unexpected beauty

Tonight, as Donné was walking outside from the bedroom to the lounge she noticed something strange in the sky. They were not stars, and they were not planes, so she called me to come quickly. I looked up and thought, "What the heck is that?" and took a closer look.

They were beautiful sky lanterns floating through the night sky. Over the next ten minutes or so a number of lanterns floated past, gently drifting away towards the horizon. We could hear the people who must have been launching them – the buzz of excitement and joy at seeing their lanterns drift away. We got to enjoy seeing them go by, an unexpected sight which made us stop and enjoy the beauty of it.

A very Christmas day


Listening to Boney M Christmas songs, putting up a Christmas tree and dancing (lots of dancing) to Glee Christmas songs….it certainly was a very Christmas day.