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The plaster trick

Since Grace squished her finger in the door she has wanted to have a plaster on her finger. After two days under a plaster the wound looked, well, terrible – all white and mushy. With little prospect of not putting a plaster on her finger we applied some parent brain and devised a plan which involved putting some Wecesin powder onto the wound and putting the plaster on her finger in a different spot – one which was not over the wound at all, allowing it to breathe.

Worked for us….

Nearly everyday I get excited about Grace's speech development. It was a concern for quite a while, and now it is just a joy to hear her talking and saying new words. Today I thought her "oink" was very cute, and she said the longest word that I can think she has ever said, "decorating."

Checking out the new (old) books a friend gave to us


Crafty Day

This morning Grace and I made some salt dough Christmas decorations.  She loved the process and enjoyed pressing out shapes and poking holes in the dough with a chopstick.  I think her favourite part was making holes or indents into the dough.  Every now and then I would look up and she would have put her creation onto the baking tray

 Our decorations after baking in the oven for a few hours


While the decorations were drying Grace and I went off to buy some paint and ribbon and found, to Grace's delight some sand art. So post nap we spent about an hour completing this sand art picture.  I was amazed that she actually stayed focused for that time.

Our Sand Art Picture


I would have thought after an hour of sand art Grace would want to run around outside, but instead chose to paint some of our decorations


Some of our completed decorations


No photos!

Grace has been camera averse lately….well, it is a bit of a love-hate relationship. Today Grace and I were sitting and looking out the back door, so Donné got the camera to capture the moment. Grace caught a glimpse of the camera and said, "No photo! No photo, no photo." Donné had managed to snap a shot, and after the three "No photo's," the next word out of her mouth was "See!" She hopped up, looked at the photo and then ran to sit down for more photos. 

"All sitting" as Grace says, "Gracie sitting, daddy sitting, pram sitting, all sitting."


Grace has had quite a lot of funny and cute things she has been saying and one of the ones which we love is how she pronounces Tyger Valley….."Tidy baggy."


After a whole weekend of being warned to be careful and not to do it, Grace finally managed to do it…to everyone's despair. It was a blood curdling scream that erupted from her mouth as the door blew closed and squished her finger. She had followed me into the office and had her left hand on the door frame close to the hinges. A gust of wind blew the door closed behind her and squished her thumb terribly. It looks pretty awful and she might end up losing the nail. Fortunately she settled fairly quickly afterwards and a princess plaster had a significant impact. We are praying it gets better soon, but I am pretty sure we are going to finish the princess plasters

The other hairdryer

Grace and I had an amazingly fun time swimming at the gym today. She was loving the float that Donné bought her (looks like a tiny boat, but with holes for her legs to go through) and having so much fun jumping and kicking, riding on my back, launching herself off the step towards me, launching herself of the edge and into the pool, having fun kicking her legs in her float, and most of all absolutely loving being thrown up into the air and splashing down into the water – shrieks of delight followed by, "Again!"

It was such a special time and I loved spending it with her.

Afterwards Grace dried her hair…

Swimming, friends and a Christmas tree

Today was a day filled with water, friends and decorating the Christmas tree.  

It was so warm today that by 09h30 Grace was already cooling off


I know it is early but with Grace interested in all the Christmas trees that are in the shops and me getting into the Christmas spirit we started decorating our tree.  It may be a few days before it is completely decorated, but Grace seemed to enjoy putting the decorations on and playing with them.


Daisy, Daisy

Grace has started singing the last few days. When I say singing I don't mean belting out show tunes, just a different kind of tone of voice and a bit of random or not so random droning. It is quite interesting that she suddenly has this desire to sing. We sing to her every night before bedtime – songs like Silent night, Jesus loves me and Jesus loves the little children. Currently she always wants my rendition of, "To market to market to buy a fat pig" which is just a rhyme and not a song. That started after we went to a market and I added the line, "To market to market to buy chocolate balls, home again, home again we ate them all."

Today she started singing "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true." Her version goes like this, "Daisy, Daisy……too." It is very sweet and she sings it with such passion….and be careful of joining in else you will get the, "No any singing!"