Moving around

Grace is in her new room with just one sleep left before Gogo and Gramps arrive. We have been shifting our house (well, our furniture and stuff that is) around today and doing some long overdue spring cleaning in the process. I do not think we have had a proper spring clean since before Grace was born, so we are enjoying the catharsis of the process.

At one point in the day Grace was sitting watching Clamber Club while we got on with the various things that need to happen and she passed out on the couch. Our immediate reaction is to worry if she is sick, because we can count the number of time she has fallen asleep like that on one hand, but she seemed to just be pooped.

An awkward couch nap with Coco


It is quite incredible how the changes affect the whole feel and flow of the house. There is now a much greater sense of space, and we all enjoy walking out the back and into the garden. The granny flat (office) is still a work in progress, but we're getting there.

Donné bought Grace some beautiful decals to make her room a little girl room


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