Nightly rituals

After Duncan has done his night time routine with Grace I go in for our cuddle, favourite part of the day and singing ritual.  In the last few weeks Grace requests a "back scratch" while you sing to her.  Our repertoire of songs has increased from  just Silent Night, Jesus love me and Amazing Grace to Rudolph the red nose reindeer, Jesus loves the little children, Mr Sun, and Raindrops keep falling on my head.  In general I limit the songs to 3 or 4 otherwise I could be singing for a very long time.

Tonight while singing and giving Grace a back scratch I gave her tummy a little rub for a few seconds before continuing with the back scratch.  Grace promptly grabbed my hand and moved it to her stomach.  Once I had finished singing she turned to me and says "mommy rub tummy more" I guess that probably means a new feature in our nightly rituals.  When adding new features to bed time rituals it is always imperative that you share the information with your spouse to avoid any mis-communication between you and your daughter, for example it is difficult to know what to sing when the request is "new song" 🙂     

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