Zoo day

We took a trip to the Tygerberg Zoo again today (after nearly a year). Fortunately we avoided Grace breaking her leg afterwards 😉 I think the two things Grace enjoyed the most were the snakes and the ducks. Lots of “sss”ing at the snakes – at least at the ones which moved, the others did not seem too interesting to her – and lots of staring at the ducks. Grace seems to really enjoy animals which I think is great. I would like to encourage a love and respect of animals and nature in her.

I enjoyed seeing one of the chimpanzees putting a stick through the wires and manipulated a peanut which was lying close to the enclosure closer and closer. I am not too sure she was going to get it, but she was certainly working hard to.

Today was also the first day Grace went without an evening milk feed, which she handled very well. There was not even a single request for milk before bed time. Just one feed left (pre morning nap) before she is totally weaned.

Grace and mom having a snack break


Checking out the ducks


Just an interesting photo of a rabbit


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