At 21 months Grace has finally gotten her first pigtails, unlike her cousin whose first recorded pigtails were at 7 months….

Poor little noodle has been struggling a bit with her last 4 teeth for a little while now. Nearly there, then no more teeth to blame if she is grumpy. The two of us? We're doing pretty well. Donné has been getting to the gym regularly and working towards some goals, and I have been grafting away at my work. I am seeing things move forward which is exciting and requires lots of energy and dedication to stay on top of it all. Exciting times lie ahead this year.

Pigtail shots and a hair comparison (from 6 months)

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    Anonymous March 28, 2011

    I can’t wait to be able to just put some clips in Jodi’s hair!! Pigtails, WHAT FUN! =)

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