No training wheels

Yesterday we decided it was time to take Grace’s training wheels off. She was excited and we went and spent some time going up and down the road with me mostly holding her seat as she rode along. I would let go for a few seconds, but she was definitely wanting me to hold on.

Last night at bed time she prays, “Father God, please help me to ride my bike better,” and this morning she asked if we could go for a ride again and I said we could at the end of the day.

So after supper, off we go, and here is her riding on day two without training wheels…

After a few times of riding and letting her go for a short while, she just totally got it and rode like it was the most natural thing. She needs a bit of help to get going, but once she is on her way she seems to be pretty much fine. I was pretty surprised, because I thought she was going to struggle to stay balanced and to peddle at the same time. The time she spent on the balance bike clearly paid off…along with an answered prayer.

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