The prayer box

One of our friends gave us a book, “The Pepperoni Parade and the Power of Prayer” and at the end of the book there is a page about making a walkie-talkie prayer box. You can write down your prayers and put them in the box and then come back to look which ones have been answered.

Grace and I made a prayer box last weekend. Just a little covered posting box that she can post her prayers into and open up to have a look at them. It is now on her windowsill next to her fairy house and the Jake & the Neverland Pirates team treasure chest we made this last weekend.

Grace and I pray just before we say goodnight, and for a long time I’ve been asking her, “What would you like to say thank you for?” and “Is there anything that you would like to pray about?” Normally she would just say, “No, nothing,” and I’d pray.

Now every night she says, “Can we write a prayer?” and she dictates and I write down her prayers. The kind of things that she prays about are,

  • Please help me to be a better friend
  • Please help mommy’s headache feel better
  • Please help Eli to stop pulling the stickers off my wall
  • Please help me to take care of my toys nicely

It is interesting that she mostly has the, “Please help…” format to her prayers, because we have mostly prayed prayed, “Thank you for…” prayers.

And so the list goes on. Every night I get to find out what is on Grace’s mind through her prayers, and she is now excited to come up with and write down new prayers everyday.

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