That duck

Sometime back – probably before the winter began – there was a children's ride Donald Duck at Willowbridge in the middle of the shopping centre. You know, those ride things that a child sits in, you put R5 into and it moves around a bit with some music….not that we ever put money into them, but Grace does enjoy sitting in them and playing, especially the train that is in our local Pick 'n Pay. I digress.

So there was a Donald Duck at Willowbridge and Grace liked to sit in it. At some point they took the duck and the giraffe that was nearby away and we have not seen them since. On Wednesday we were walking through Willowbridge and Grace says something that sounds like "dark" or "dart". It took me a while to realise she was saying "duck," and I asked her, "Do you mean the duck that used to be here?" "Yes, raffe" (for giraffe). I was quite taken aback that she had suddenly remembered about them.

She then proceeded to repeat "duck, duck" in a moaning-that-I-want something kind of way. A brief discussion about how the duck is gone and not coming back and it is time to stop moaning and we moved on. The next day Donné was getting some groceries and she had to endure, "duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck…." (well you get it). The duck seems to have left an impression. We will wait and see if it (or a substitute) appears for the summer.

Grace has become a little parrot with her speech. She is copying words so much more easily than before and quite the chatterbox. We love it and it makes our hearts glad that her speech is improving so much and so quickly.

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