A perfect day?

Sometimes a day can shine through all the craziness of life – a calm, peaceful and idyllic day – a perfect day. It feels as if the world stands still and is quiet for a while, allowing time to breathe, to enjoy the fullness of life, and to rest in the love that surrounds you. Today was like that.

Nothing too exciting, just time together as a family. We had breakfast and coffee at home, then went to get some sand for Grace's sandpit, bought some sand-art which we sat and did with Grace while waiting for our sushi, enjoyed delicious sushi (which Grace devoured like a hungry tiger), laughed at Grace doing a "pole dance" around the umbrella, went for a drive and had a chat (while Grace slept), came home and filled the sandpit (to Grace's delight), spent lots of time playing in the garden, and hopped and jumped Grace around on an office chair while Donné put another coat of paint onto her table.

Each thing in itself not too exciting. Even as a whole it is not that exciting. What really made the day special were the threads of love flowing through everything. Being a family is about growing in love, and today was a day filled with that love. Thank you Lord for the blessings we have.

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