Out of the mouth of Grace

Grace says, “Let’s play ‘baby, baby’. You can be the daddy, and I can be the mommy, and Eli can be the baby, because he is baby shaped.”

Grace had a play date with Hannah this afternoon, and after I collected her I asked, “What did you have for lunch Grace?” She replies, “Chips, and chuckles, and grapes.” I’m pretty sure that Sue-Ann gave you something more that just that to eat Grace….

We were having dinner and Grace said she wanted a yoghurt, so we tell her that she has to eat more of her food before she can have a yoghurt. She says, “But my tummies full,” and I say, “Well then Grace that means there isn’t any space for yoghurt either.” Well, she has an answer for that, “My tummy has a spot for yoghurt.” Ahh, that dessert tummy does develop early.

Eli and I go into Grace’s room shortly after waking up and she’s still lying in bed. Eli zoots to the bookshelf and starts to pull books down, and she says, “No Eli! Don’t make a mess so early in the morning!”

Grace points at me and says, “Bigger,” then at Donné, “Medium,” then to herself, “I’m a little big,” and finally to Eli, “and Eli’s small!”

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