Learning to read

Grace has gotten very excited about learning to read. She has always loved books and reading, and one of the things she is currently working on in school is reading and language. We bought her a early reading book this week, and she sat and read it over and over again (she does memorise books, and also gets clues from the pictures). She was really excited about it and the possibility that she can learn to read, so we’re embracing her “sensitive period.” We took out a box of reading games that comes from my childhood and she has been loving playing the games, and doing really well at figuring out the words.

In the past she has really struggled to hear words as she sounds them out – which is probably a part of her dyspraxia – but she is getting better and better at being able to put the sounds together. She is also starting to recognise some of the puzzle (sight) words, so playing the games is exciting rather than hard work. It is always exciting to see her loving learning, and I love that she is in a Montessori school so that they can follow and embrace her excitement and learning.

Playing some word games with mom


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