Jungle gym up!

Stéfan very kindly gave up his Sunday to come and help us put up our jungle gym. Now Eli and Grace are both super happy – Grace because she has monkey bars, and Eli because there is a swing.

Heave-ho, let’s move this thing around. It took us quite a while just to decide exactly where to build it.


Little hands needed something to keep them busy, so Grace and Eli cleaned the garden


Hole inspection


It turns out that even after all the above ground planning, we actually had some issues below ground when digging the holes. There are French drains in the garden and we just overlapped with one of them. After some more adjustments we managed to mostly work around it.

The observation team taking a snack break and making sure things keep moving forward


Now the main part is up, with just the ladder and cargo net to do to finish it off – thank you Stéfan!

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