Getting some shade while she makes her calls

It has been fascinating to see Grace being more and more independent. She has become very independent in her play and can spend a long time pottering about without looking for any input. Up until recently she has wanted us to be involved, or to at least be watching her doing whatever she is doing, but now she will happily get on with whatever it is that she wants to do.

This morning was a big surprise for me. Instead of coming to call me to get out of bed as she usually does, she playing in the lounge and then played in her room (giving me some much needed extra time in bed!) It was only when she got hungry that she decided that Daddy would be a good option to help. She also spent a reasonable amount of time jumping on her own on the trampoline while I cleaned up around the house – and jumping has always been a thing that she expects us to be around for. There was at least 15 minutes of her jumping and singing on the trampoline without calling for anyone, and when she was done it was because she was thirsty, not because she was looking for me.

The one downside (sort of) is that she can independently unpack her toys, play with them, unpack others, play with them,unpack….and so forth. Current mission? Teaching her to pack away things when she has finished with them.

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