Bush diving


All aboard the pram cruiser!

It was a beautiful sunny day, so what to do? Take a walk with the rest of the Capetonians (and the Bradshaw's) on the Sea Point promenade.

The thing that really jumped out from the walk today was a guy that we saw while I was swinging Jack. Jack says to Donné, "Look Donné, man jump over bush." Huh? What exactly are you talking about? "Look, do it again." We look around and a man is standing looking with some intent towards some shrubs. He puts his hands behind him, runs and dives over a rather tall bush (probably about as tall as he was). On that attempt he happened to break off a branch of the bush. He turned around and appeared to apologise profusely for his mistake, and then went on to dive over some other bushes too. Fascinating, and impressive to watch.

As far as Grace is concerned she thinks that if you are not using the potty seat on the toilet, then you are "hovering". I've said to her before that we are not hovering (as she does) but that our bums are bigger then hers and fit the seat. Donné was using the facilities and Grace says to her, "Mommy's got a very, very big bum, that's why you hover."

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