Decorating presents

Grace loves to help me wrap gifts for people.  I must admit that I rather enjoy wrapping presents and when I used to work at the pharmacy in my varsity holidays, it was one of my favourite jobs, wrapping the customers Christmas presents.  I enjoy wrapping presents with Grace but must admit its definitely not neat, with paper torn and crinkled, and pieces of sticky tape placed randomly.  

Today we wrapped Caleb's birthday present and after we had finished she wanted to stick some Winnie the Pooh stickers onto the paper which she did, and as always, once she was finished she wanted more.  I gave her some blue round stick on labels and I expected her to randomly put them onto the paper, like she had put her Winnie the Pooh stickers on, but instead she took the blue round sticker and placed it into one of the circles on the wrapping paper.  She continued in this fashion until she had completely filled all the circles on the front of the present.  It was fascinating to watch her working systematically through all the circles and she did this for about 45 minutes!  Great cheap entertainment, I will remember that for another cold, wet rainy day!!   

All Done!


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    Anonymous August 2, 2011

    OK – now I see…. never did recover that bag. WOW!

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