A good groove

The Drennan household is currently in a good groove. You might recall that a short while ago I reinstituted "adult baths" and the impact it has had on our relationship has been quite phenomenal. That thirty minutes to and hour of just talking about the day, how we are, how Grace is doing, what is bouncing around in our heads and so on, and has been really restorative for our relationship – we feel connected again. And the obvious effect of that is that the household just runs better. As Donné said, you don't realise what was missing until you bring it back.

There is also a general sense of moving forward at the moment. Things have been going well with my business and it is growing. I have been working hard to achieve more this year and it has been paying off. I'm also starting to see some relationships that I have been building begin to bear fruit, so I am excited about that. There is plenty of work that keeps coming in, too much for me to handle alone. I am excited about the business and I am having new ideas about how to run my business, which is great. I am thinking about things a bit differently and excited to see were that leads to.

One of the ways that things are going to move forward is that I am going to move my office into the granny flat. We have spoken about it before, but now we are serious and I am quite excited. I can see exactly how I want it to be, and can also see how it is going to be a good thing for the business. The first thing we need to do is get a tool shed and get rid of some of the things which are in there. When it is done it is going to be a great working environment. This will also be the year that I seriously start one of my own projects.

Donné is in the process of wrapping up her business. Just a few reports to get out, and then just a matter of collecting the outstanding money and finalising the business. What has been good to see is how Donné's mind has been opening up to new possibilities as it has become less burdened with the work things that needed to be handled. There was not a lot she was doing (checking reports and handling the admin), but it has been a drain on her for a while now so she is happy to be putting it behind her. Again there is just that general sense of moving forward.

For me, I think the rest of this year is going to be crazy, challenging, and ultimately fulfilling and exciting. I am looking forward to making even more happen and getting through more projects.

As a side note: for the last few days Grace has been asking for her night light (the one on the monitor) to stay on when she is going to sleep. It is interesting how that has suddenly changed.

In the Drennan household, not much happens before our morning cappuccino. Even decaff makes the world go round.


I am still growing some vegetables in the garden. The lettuces have grown well this year, but the crowning glory of my vegetable gardening has been to successfully grown a pepper. If you have only ever bought peppers from the shops you won't understand how impressive this is (or at least it is to me). I have hardly managed to get a pepper plant to last a whole season without getting mowed down by snails and caterpillars. So I present to you, my first red pepper! (And it was really delicious)



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    Stefan van der Walt July 29, 2011

    I love the spirit of this message: so positive and exciting!

    Sorry I can’t be there to help you renovate your new office :/ Moving into a new space is wonderfully cleansing. Talking about new spaces, I saw a great idea here: my advisor bought a can of special paint, covered a wall with it, and now has a *massive* whiteboard running along one room of the house.

    The coffee photo is very artistic! Having grown peppers myself, I can attest to your achievement (that one looks a lot better than my gnarly ones ever did–although I’d like to see an object of scale in the picture 🙂

    Tonight we’re hosting a braai for about 20-30 people, so wish me luck 🙂

    Lots of love to the Drennans from a sunny California!

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    Duncan Drennan July 29, 2011

    Thanks Stefan.

    “although I’d like to see an object of scale in the picture” – haha! The bread board it is on is about the size of a dinner plate. The pepper was roughly the size of a store bought pepper (although I am sure the American peppers are *much* bigger than the SA peppers…)

    Have fun tonight! Sounds like it will be awesome.

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