Monthly Archives: November 2017


First Grace, then Eli and now Adam gets his turn to enjoy pulling elastics on the geoboard. The other two also get to have some rekindled excitement and enjoy it along with him.


Pink jersey

Donné asked Grace to fetch Adam a jersey, but she decided upstairs was too far to go and therefore he should just wear her jersey…..

Sushi night

There was a buzz of excitement running through the house – the children were edgy, waiting for it to happen. We collected it and the smell was permeating the car – could Donné hold back until we got home? The table was rapidly set, the moment was nearing. Sauce bowls filled, sticks in hand, everyone waited with anticipation.Sushi!And then it was gone.

Vacuum time

Time to vacuum up the chips that Adam messed on the floor

Carpenter Adam

Carpentry requirements:

  • Ear protection…check
  • Head protection….check (if a police helmet counts)
  • Eye protection….hmmm
  • Hammer….check (in Adam’s world anything or everything is a hammer – at least this time he had the tool right)


Grace’s class did a carnival dance in the school play and after some searching Donné managed to get hold of the music, so now Grace can dance to her heart’s desire…

The Judo rock

Eli came home from Judo very excited to tell his story about how it took so many people to roll him over, and how Luka (who he calls Luke Skywalker) turned red in the face trying to roll him over. One very excited guy, who is clearly getting stronger.

Here is the less hyper version recorded after the first telling…