Down comes the balcony

We’ve had this sinking feeling about our balcony for a while…

The problem is that pretty much all the structural wood is rotting, so it’s been off limits for a while.

When you can see through the beams that hold everything up, it gives you the impression that there may be a problem.

So after Sam did some prep work a few weeks ago taking down the decorative stuff…

…it was time for the rest of it to come down.

We had some helpers (Sam was probably the most effective worker) 

And lots of rotten wood

But now we have loads more natural light into the house. Yes, sure, there are some other…er…minor issues…but definitely lots more light.

And I got a bit dirty

A small skip full of debris, 2/3 of the balcony down, and now lots of reconsideration of our plan to build it again as it was. Back to the drawing board to see what we can do to keep some extra light going into the downstairs area (ideas welcome!)

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