First ice skate

Grace has been wanting to try ice skating for a little while now, so while Donné and the boys stayed at home, I took her for a daddy-daughter ice skating date.

First time at the ice rink


I did surprise myself that I was still able to actually stand on ice skates, and Grace gradually grew in confidence while we were there. She actually progressed pretty quickly and had good stable feet, even throwing a back sideways leg out when she got a bit unstable. She held onto my hand for most of the skating, and we just got gradually faster as the session progressed.

The face after her first fall


She was even able to be a bit silly at times….

We both really had a good time together and she thoroughly enjoyed the ice skating. For most of the rest of the day her words to me were, “Dada, I really enjoyed the ice skating,” and then later she was really sweet when she said, “Dad, I didn’t only enjoy the ice skating, I enjoyed the morning with you.”

And to end it all off? Ice scream!


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