Monthly Archives: December 2016

The beach look

The beach towel dress look – it keeps you warm after a swim, allows your hands to be free to eat chips, and your legs to move enough to walk home without tripping. 

The happy gardener 

Three little noshers 

I’m a person 

Gramps, wondering why Eli doesn’t eat hamburgers, says “Are you a vegetarian?” Eli answers, “No, I’m a person.”

Flying the couch with Captain Eli

Having a moment with Gogo and Gramps

Horsing around

I’m not really sure what to say about this….


Fly Eli!


And tumble!


Super baby is dreaming about flying


Snack attack

Snack time!


Getting some Chipski love


The long walk to the sea

Grace and Eli take Addy for a walk to the sea


Grace took Eli on this walk when he was 15 months, and now that Adam is 14 months, he gets to do the same. And it looks like when you are 4 you have a very particular pose for the walk


This is, quite literally, how Adam rolls (that is a mattress on the floor next to a sliding door window, with some cushions pushed into the gap to prevent him from rolling off, which he decided to use as a pillow)


My two sweet girls, spending time together reading their books


Oceans and Christmas trees

Time to get our feet wet in the ocean again

And help Gogo put up the Christmas tree

And help Gogo to pull down the Christmas tree (which fell on his head)


Selfie time with Mr Cuddles

Safe travels 

We arrived safely in Jeffrey’s Bay, and only had to deal with 1 hour of Adam crying along the way. Rest of the trip went smoothly, and everyone is happy to be here and on holiday after a busy and intense year. Let the resting, recovery and family time begin!