Adam gets an upgrade

Adam has been sick on and off (mostly on) for the past month, and in that time his ears have never properly cleared. The ENT recommended grommets, so this morning Adam went to have his upgrade installed.

The little guy was an absolute champ, and even managed to be happy and smiling through all of the preparation. I was with him right up until the anaesthetist put him under.

All ready and about to go in


The operation was super quick and he was very unhappy when he woke up – groggy and cranky. After about half an hour he settled a bit, and then gradually made his way back to his smiling self. He was quite sensitive today though, just suddenly crying out with tears rolling down his cheeks for no apparent reason at times.

We’re very hopeful that this leads to a healthier happier Adam, and a bit of a respite from Dr’s visits for Donné.

Cute baby gowns – luckily he could keep his jersey on through everything.


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