Monthly Archives: May 2016

First tooth

Adam’s first tooth has peaked through the gums! Donné noticed the tooth yesterday, but we couldn’t feel it. Today we can feel the little point sticking through.


Not quite a story

Grace was reading to Eli while Donné was busy putting Adam to sleep (and I was at a school meeting), and when Donné came into their room, she was greeted with this picture.


That is Grace’s journal in her hand, the book where she writes things like, “08:00 – I am at school” and “10:00  – Lesson: Fun with the noun.” She had been reading her journal to Eli for 15min, and that wasn’t quite the story he was expecting.

7 months

Time is zooting along and Adam is now 7 months old. His mission at the moment is to figure out crawling. Yesterday he managed to get on to all fours and keep it there for a while – crawling is coming.


He’s had a bit of a rough month being up and down with coughing and ear infections. Let’s hope that the month ahead brings better things for him. Even through it all, he’s still a smiling, happy little guy.


Only on Saturdays

Grace has been wanting to buy these yoghurt tubes for the past couple of weeks, but when we’ve been grocery shopping we haven’t seen any of these tubes in the shop. It seemed to us like they had stopped selling them, but Grace was not convinced.

She says this morning, “Can we go to the shops today to buy some yoghurt thingies?”
Me, “Grace, I don’t think they sell them anymore.”
Grace, “I think they sell them on Saturdays. We’ve been there on Sundays, so I think they only sell them on Saturdays.”
Me, “Grace it doesn’t work like that, they probably just don’t sell them anymore.”
Grace, “Can we please go to the shops?”

Okay, not getting anywhere here. As things worked out, we did end up at the shop today, and….


That is her, “I’m so chuffed with myself face.” I did have a good laugh when things turned out exactly the way she thought they would. High fives all round and yoghurt for Grace.

Box boys

Boxes are always fun


Say mama

Adam has been chatty so Donné thought she would encourage him a bit….with a surprising result


Eli is very proud of his new shirt from Aunty Annie an Uncle Ian. I think it may have lead to some coversations in the class today.


Playing croquet with Ian during yesterday’s long and busy day. He started at school at 8am, went with Ian for a play date after school, popped in for supper, then off again to a parent info evening and sleeping by 8pm…..and he was super happy. The extrovert is strong in this one.