Monthly Archives: May 2015

Putt-putt party

Teeing up


The backwards, overhand sweep shot


Checking out the lay of the land


Negotiating the obstacles


Happy 7th birthday Andrew!


Eli trying out some miniature golf for the first time

Puddle splashing

Just being a bit crazy (and getting very wet) in the puddle after backwashing the pond






Eli had a sudden need to make pirate hats, and fortunately we could make a plan and figure what we had that could work.



Me cut you!

Give Eli a knife to cut his sausage and he uses his teeth to break off little bits while threatening you in a typical Capetonian fashion.

Couch cuddles

Getting some brother/sister love while watching something after a nebuliser session due to Grace having a coughing fit. Luckily the poor girl seems to be doing okay after that.


The shouty one

We were sitting eating dinner and Eli was saying something about the baby, “Baby cry. Eli cry. Gracie cry. Mommy cry.” Grace then joins in and says, “Mom, does daddy cry?” She pauses, just ever so briefly to think about this and answer herself and says, “No, he’s the shouty one.”

Fashion statement

Well, what does one actually say? An inside out and backwards leotard over your clothes with sunglasses on….I don’t think it is going to be the new hipster trend.


This morning after I got ready I went into the play room to ask Grace and Eli what they wanted for breakfast. When I walk in there are two very chuffed children. Grace had dressed Eli up in the leotard (backwards), and put a tutu onto him, and he looked very proud of his outfit. I just thought it all looked a bit chilly for 06h30 on an autumn morning. It seems that the morning inspired some afternoon dress up too.