Grace’s exciting day

Grace had quite the exciting day today. It started off with an owl in the pre-schools’ tree. She took a book to school and got to read it to the class. She sat in the teacher’s seat and was chuffed with herself. Close to the start of this term Grace said that she really wanted to do the bead cabinet work, but she wasn’t able to start because she still needed to master some other things. Today she was very excited to report that she started working on the bead cabinet, in her words, “I’m so good with numbers!”

After such a busy day at school, she went on to swimming and learnt how to do breaststroke. Today was the first time she was introduced to breaststroke, and she picked it up incredibly quickly.

Helping Eli tie shoelaces this morning


At the end of school today Grace says to me, “I’ve got such exciting news,” and she goes on to explain. “Kai from Lindy’s class and Jackson, a toddler, were on the seesaw and Kai was so gentle that Jackson didn’t fall off!” I’m not sure why this was so exciting, but it was the first piece of news that Grace shared, so she thought is was exciting.

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