Monthly Archives: February 2015

Preparing for a play date

Donné organised a play date with one of the families from her class, so Grace says, “But Rachael’s not my friend.” Donné says to her, “Well Grace, you don’t have to play with her in the playground, maybe just do some work together or something.”

Later in the week Grace says, “I’m going to work with Rachael, so that we can be friends before our play date.” A day or two later and Grace says that Rachael is her friend and they played together. This morning (before the play date that happened this afternoon), Rachael apparently said to her mom, “Grace is my friend.”

The hard work paid off Grace!

Silly laugh

Having a silly time laughing with sis

Cake decorating – week 4

Last week was learning and making some toppers. This week was the big cake day!


It is a three layer sponge cake. It was meant to be four, but the one cake didn’t come out exactly the same size as the others.



Donné would have liked a higher level of perfection, but the time in class was very limited. Oh well….now she’ll have to practice and make some more.

Bath time buddies

Grace and Eli really enjoy their baths together. Whether it is spraying each other with water bottles, getting a wash from your big sis, kicking and splashing, screaming like crazy people, bathing dolls, playing with mermaids, painting with bath paints, or just pouring water, there always seems to be fun to be had when bathing together.

Getting a wash from my big sis



Grace was at home today, mainly as a precaution, but it did give her and Eli some time to play, which they didn’t really get over the weekend. They were having a lot of fun together playing some games, and Eli was loving the dominoes which he figured out pretty well.


Sick day, pyjama day

It’s been a fun Valentines weekend, with the whole Drennan family being stuck down with a tummy bug. Eli has been on the mend, but Grace, Donné and I took some strain last night and today. Grace and I seem to be mostly better, Donné is still struggling, and Eli is bouncing off the walls looking for someone to play with him. Far too much cleaning up on a weekend like this.

Eli, a few days ago when he was at his worst (he led the pack). I think that is how most of us felt going into today


Morning puzzle buddies

With summer having temporarily abandoned us, it was long sleeves and puzzle building this morning.