Two hands

We’ve been working with Grace to get her to be more helpful with the tidying up of the house at the end of the day, and it has actually been going really well. Yesterday she was tidying up and Donné told her to come and get the skipping rope from the lounge. She walks out of her door with both hands full of things she was busy tidying up and says, “I’ve only got two hands.”

Trying on some sneakers for the first time

Trying on some sneakers for the first time

Grace enjoys her brother and sometimes she looks forward to him waking up from a nap. She picks up the monitor and says, “I think I can hear him through the monitor.” Donné says, “No Grace, he is still sleeping.” She listens again, “I can hear something, I think he’s awake.” This time Donné replies, “No Grace, that is just the static because the monitor is turned up.” Pause, “I think he’s awake, I can hear him.”

Grace “I’m the mommy” Drennan putting Tracy to sleep in her Moby

Grace "the mommy" putting Tracy to sleep in the Moby

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