Monthly Archives: March 2013

A little trip to the post box

Grace got a bee in her bonnet that she wanted to post a letter this afternoon, so she did some drawing, put it in an envelope and wanted to walk to the post box. The child who just this morning was constantly “too tired to walk” when we went to have a cup of coffee with Keren now wanted to take a 15 minute walk to post a letter. So after making it clear that I would not be carrying her (I had Eli in the Moby) off we went. Not a peep or a parp about being tired, just a little girl happy to be posting a letter.

On the way back Grace was asking about gates and walls and I said to her that lots of people have walls and gates because we have a problem with people stealing things in South Africa. We walk on a little while and then she says, “Daddy, what’s the problem with South Africa?”

Having some silly fun with my children

First movie & special treats

Grace watched a movie for the first time today, and the movie was…..wait for it….drum roll…..Beauty and the Beast! It was interesting to be with her and help her process the different parts of the movie. The tense parts, or parts with strong emotions affect her. It is hard to describe how exactly – it is not quite fear (fortunately there is nothing really scary in the movie), but it did impact her enough that she didn’t want to carry on watching after a break. I did want her to finish though so that she could get to the end and see how everything resolves. We did finish, and we spoke a lot about what was happening as things moved along, and in the end she really liked the end when everyone was happy. And then the processing and questions started, but it has been good fun answering them.

The one thing that I really liked was when she asked me about Biltong during the break, when she was actually asking about Gaston.

This special treat has only happened three times in Grace’s life, once from Keren, once from Gogo and today for the first time, a special treat from mom….the train actually goes if you put money in it…

Gumboot gardener

Grace watering in her gumboots

Grace watering in her gumboots

Grace met baby Asher Parker for the first time today and had the mommies laughing when she said, “Asher’s hair has gotten so long.”

Hair do’s (and don’ts)

After I had done her hair this morning, Grace decided that I needed my hair done….


Resulting in this….


…and this…


Happy 6 months

Eli is six months old today! He is sitting really nicely and is quite stable, weighs about 8.3kg, and has a nice little trick to flop from sitting to lying on his tummy – he flops forwards and flicks his legs out behind him.


Grace’s picture of a mommy with a dress, long hair and a baby.



A little while ago we played a game in the car – who can be the quietest on the way home. Today we were on our way back from a cup of coffee and Grace says, “I’m going to be the quietest so that I can watch something when I get home.” Then while everyone is quiet she says in a whisper, “Ssshh….who said that?!?…..ssshhh.”

Eli: “I’ve got this head lock thing under control” (he loves grabbing hair which is a bit problematic)


Grace is on her way to her room and decides that walking backwards is a good idea. Then suddenly she says, “The wind is blowing me away!” and wooshes backwards down the passage.

A new portable seat for Eli


Grace has been quite rude to Eli when he is playing with something, or about to do something – she either grabs the toy away (even if she is not interested), or hurries to do it before him. We were going to swing and she said, “I’m going to swing and Eli is not allowed to swing.” So I had (another) little chat about sharing and taking turns and how it is bad manners to behave like that and good manners to share and take turns. She then says, “Eli can swing after me. That’s good manners….it makes my heart sooo happy.”

It’s Neurope!

Grace and Donné were having a dispute over the weekend. The continent song (sung to the tune of Love and Marriage) goes,

North America, South America (clap)
Europe, Africa, and Asia,
Don’t forget Antarctica,
Or way down under in Australia.

but Grace sings, "Nora, Africa and Asia." Donné was telling her that the words are "Europe, Africa and Asia," but Grace was having none of that, "That’s not Neurope! We sing Nora, Africa and Asia."

Then, on Sunday morning I was getting ready and Grace was singing the song to Eli. When she finished she said to him, "Mommy sings Neurope, but I sing Nora."

Today she has been home for a while and suddenly and excitedly says to Donné, "We sung Neurope today!"