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A happy little chap

I took Eli to the doctor this afternoon as a follow up on his reflux and skin which have not really improved. Although we've been to the doctor a couple of times, this was the first time since Eli's birth that our paediatrician was seeing him. While he was lying there being examined Eli starts giving the doctor these big beautiful smiles and Rudolf says, "You certainly are a happy little baby." And it certainly feels that way – as long as he's not hungry and the reflux is not bothering him he is quite a chill little baby.

In other news Donné spotted my first few grey hairs.

Little Drennan’s


So clever

Grace was playing a game on our new tablet today (courtesy of our amazingly generous and gracious parents) and says, "I'm getting so clever to do this." One of the joys of being three is that you don't need to worry about being modest.

Oh how I love you

Grace does seem to be quite in love with her baby brother. This morning before leaving for school she says, "Bye Eli, bye baby, your sister loves you."

Eli went for his vaccinations today and handled that quite well. I always feel sorry for them at this first vaccination, it is the first time that they're hurt on purpose for their own good. I imagine that baby's think, "Why would you do that to me?" Oh well, it's all done now.

He is exactly two months and weighs 5.7kgs. His weight is following the 50th centile…but he was born 3 weeks early.


It's been a tough day for Grace – Gogo and Gramps returned home today, and after being spoilt with attention (in a good way) she is now longing for some more time with her Gogo. We've had, "Want Gogo to brush my teeth," "Want Gogo to bath me," "Want Gogo to read me a story," etc. etc. and lots of, "Why did Gogo have to go home?" Our standard answer for that one is that she has to get everything ready for Christmas, which seems to be helping for now.

Grace asks Donné, "Is Eli missing Gogo?" to which she replies, "Yes, but not as much as you." Grace, "I'm missing my Gogo so much!"

After work we popped out for a quick family coffee and on the way home Eli was crying quite a bit due to his hungry tummy. Grace was saying something which I couldn't quite hear about Eli crying so I asked her, "Why is Eli crying?" She answers, "He's crying 'cos he's missing Gogo."

She is super excited to see her Gogo again….just a few weeks now.

If you don’t watch me

My first merry-go-round pony ride (at Stodels)


What you up to Gramps? Say, that's a nice tablet….


Don't worry Gramps, he doesn't bite….yet.


Grace and Gogo were sitting together doing some sand art and Gogo got distracted for a little while. Grace says, "If you don't watch what I'm doing, you'll have to go sit on the thinking chair," (they have a thinking chair at school).

Later in the day I hear Grace talking to Gogo down the passage. She says, "When's it Christmas? I can't wait for Christmas." That is for two reasons, (a) there will be presents and so forth, and (b) she'll see her Gogo, who is flavour of the day.

First sushi outing!

It was an important day today….Eli's first sushi outing. Sure, he can't eat it yet….but it was good.


Gogo has a constant companion