Hard questions

"Why do we miss people?"

"Why did Simba's daddy die?"

"Where do we go when we die?"

Those were some of the questions Grace was asking today. The first one came from missing Gogo, and the other two from watching The Lion King (not even the whole thing, just the songs, but that led to other discussions). And this is how one of the interactions went,

G: "Daddy, are you going to heaven?"
D: "Well, we believe that when we die we're going to heaven."
G: "Can I go with you daddy?"
D: "Yes, but I'll go ahead and get everything ready for you."
G: "Want to go with you daddy!" (tears)
D: "Grace, it's going to be a VERY very long time before any of us goes to heaven." (not helping)

Erm. Well, ummm. Hmmm, need more practice at these conversations.

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